BRT TransMilenio, Colombia
GHG transport methodology (1st registered UNFCCC CDM transport methodology) and project development (1st registered CDM transport project), linkage to climate finance and monitoring for 10 years of BRT TransMilenio and other BRTs in Colombia (Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Pereira) as well as in other countries (PR China, South Africa, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Tunisia). Clients: CAF, GIZ, cities
GHG mitigation options San Jose
Bottom-up modelling of GHG emissions for San Jose, Costa Rica and assessment of GHG mitigation options in the city. Client: IADB
Metro Delhi, India
GHG methodology and project development including linkage to climate finance for Metro Delhi and other metros in India (Metro Mumbai 1, Metro Gurgaon). Monitoring of results for 14 years. Client: DMRC, metro operators
Metro Buenos Aires, Argentina
GHG project development and linkage to climate finance for expansion of metro Buenos Aires and other metro projects developed in Tunisia, Mexico, India, Korea. Clients: GIZ, metro operators
BRT Karachi, Pakistan
GHG and environmental impact as well as technology advisory for BRT in Karachi. Developer of GCF finance proposal approved as 1st transport project by the GCF in 2018 worth 50 MUSD. All buses with 100% bio-methane (hybrid-gas buses), bike-sharing and e-Pedicabs for last-mile connectivity. Environmental assessment biogas plant based on cattle dung. Client: ADB
GHG mitigation options Ulaanbaatar
Technical, economic and environmental assessment of GHG mitigation options including development of an urban NAMA for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - similar projects also realized for Dhaka, Bangladesh and Cairo, Egypt. Clients: ADB, AFD
Metrobus, Mexico City
GHG project development for Metrobus all lines and Edomex as well as for Metro Line 12 in Mexico City as well as for the BRT in Guadalajara. Clients: CAF, the World Bank, cities
cable-car Medellin, Colombia
GHG methodology and project development including linkage with climate finance for the first urban cable car project in the world. Monitoring of project for 7 years. Client: Metro Medellin
Metro Bogota
Preparation of the metro project of Bogota as a climate finance project with investment from the Green Climate Fund (>200 MUSD). Assessment of GHG impact and preparation of funding documents. Client: IADB
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