E-buses Bishkek
Feasibility report and team leader for 50 MUSD loan structuring for 100 urban fast-charged Battery Electric Buses. Technical, financial, economic and environmental assessment of slow and fast charged battery electric bus, opportunity charged bus and hybrid trolleybus. Financial and economic analysis documents. Loan structure. Analysis on grid impacts and substation up-gradings. Tender documents for buses, chargers substations. Client: ADB
E-buses Kigali
E-bus system design including charging infrastructure and grid upgrades for urban electric buses for Kigali. Technical, financial, economic and environmental assessment of electric bus options. Recommendations on technology to be used. Analysis of impacts on grid. Roadmap for e-bus deployment. Client: the World Bank
E-buses Jakarta
Feasibility report and team leader for loan structuring for 50 fast-charged electric coach buses for airport routes of DAMRI. Technical, financial, economic and environmental assessment of slow and fast charged battery electric bus and opportunity charged buses. Loan documentation. Economic and financial assessment. Technical due diligence. Grid analysis. Bus and charging system specifications and tender documents. Client: ADB
E-Buses for BRT Abidjan
Assessment of e-bus options for high-frequency BRT operated with 18m buses. Technical, environmental and financial comparison of overnight -, fast-, opportunity- and ultra-fast station charged e-bus system. Grid impact assessment. (Client: World Bank and AFD)
E-buses San Jose
Assessment of e-bus technology options for San Jose, Costa Rica. Technical, financial, economic and environmental analysis of alternatives. Business concept development. Pilot phase technical advisory services. Similar assignments for feasibility of e-bus systems were made in Sfax/Tunisia, Tbilisi/Georgia, Yerevan/Armenia, and Cook Islands. Clients: IDB, GIZ, ADB
E-Buses China
Clean bus program: Identification and implementation of technical, operational and managerial measures to improve operations of hybrid and electric bus fleets in 18 Chinese cities. Monitoring of more than 60,000 electric buses on performance (energy usage, costs). Design of charging infrastructure and e-bus types for 2 cities. Realization of training program for e-bus drivers, e-bus maintenance staff and e-bus operations. Client: ADB
E-buses Switzerland
Design, technical advice and design of electric and hybrid bus project with sale of carbon offset credits to the domestic Swiss market; participation of multiple Swiss transport operators with BEBs, hybrid trolleybuses, opportunity charging, flash-charging, plug-in hybrid and hybrid buses. Monitoring of results since 2014. Long-term engagement until 2030. Joint project with MyClimate and multiple bus operators as clients
E-buses Mexico City
Design of e-bus system for BRT route of Mexico City. assessment of different e-bus options. Technical, financial and economic detailed assessment for hybrid trolleybuses. Similar assignments for e-buses for BRT routes were made for Amman, Quito and for TransJakarta/Indonesia. Clients: GIZ, GGGI, ADB, IDB
E-buses Vietnam
Electric and hybrid bus roadmap for Vietnam; Assessment of technology options; financial structuring of proposal; Assessment of e-bus options for Ho Chi Minh City for medium and standard buses including charging infrastructure and possible business models. Clients: IFC and GIZ
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