Rail Bangladesh
GHG impact and monitoring tool for Bangladeshi Railway. Tool to determine environmental impact of new investments in rolling stock and tracks. Assessment of potential of climate finance. Client: ADB
HSR Korea
GHG methodology and project development and registration as national offset project for Honam HSR. 1st registered Korean domestic transport project and largest registered Korean offset project. Monitoring for 10-year period. Client: KORAIL
road-to-rail projects in Switzerland
GHG methodology and project development and linkage with climate finance for multiple road-to-rail projects including the 1st registered Swiss domestic transport offset projects. Client: Swiss private sector energy agency
GHG methodology for shipping
Development of the first approved Gold Standard methodology for multiple retrofit energy efficiency and GHG savings measures in shipping. In cooperation with FREMCO
pilot e-boat project Thailand
Design of an electric boat project in Thailand for longtail boats and channel ferries for up to 300 passengers. Actions include testing, monitoring, business planning and financial structuring. Client: ADB
road-to-ship project, Switzerland
GHG methodology and project development for road-to-ship project for construction companies. Client: Swiss private sector energy agency
cement road-to-rail, India
Project development for road-to-rail project for large cement factory in India. Client: private multinational cement company
LRT for San Jose, Costa Rica
Linkage of LRT of San Jose with climate finance worth > 200 MUSD from Green Climate Fund (GCF). Design of last-mile connectivity actions and adaptation measures. Determination of environmental, social and gender impact of LRT. Client: BCIE
India Railways
Assessment of GHG impact of India railways. Development of a tool to monitor the environmental and GHG impact of operations of India Railways. Assessment of technology options to reduce GHG emissions. Client: ADB
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