Development of a low-emission development strategy for the transport sector of Fiji. Modelling of emissions. Assessment of options to improve air quality and reduce GHG emissions. Clients: GGGI and ADB
Clean air Ulaanbaatar
Assessment of options and modelling of impacts for reducing transportation emissions in Ulaanbaatar including fuel upgrades, emission standards, clean vehicles. Actions, targets and indicators for a policy-based loan. Client: ADB
Road-to-rail projects in Switzerland
GHG methodology and project development and linkage with climate finance for multiple road-to-rail projects including the 1st registered Swiss domestic transport offset projects. Development also of road-to-shipping projects. Client: Swiss private sector energy agency. Similar road-to-rail projects were also realized in India.
GHG methodology for shipping
Development of the first approved Gold Standard methodology for multiple retrofit energy efficiency and GHG savings measures in shipping. In cooperation with FREMCO
Transportation emissions San Jose
Modelling and forecasting of transportation emissions in the larger urban zone of San Jose, Costa Rica for local pollutants and GHGs. Determination of impacts of different intervention options. Similar modellings were made for Ulaanbaatar and Dhaka. Clients: IDB and ADB
Clean air Kosovo
Modelling of transport emissions for Pristina. Assessment of economic instruments such as tax policies and clean vehicle policies including vehicle emission regulations to reduce transport emissions in Kosovo. Client: The World Bank
GHG transport emissions Wuhan airport
Modelling of transportation emissions caused by the new Wuhan airport. Identification of options to reduce GHG emissions. Client: AFD
Green freight Vietnam and Laos
Implementation of a green freight project in Vietnam and Laos with driver training, installation of aerodynamic equipment, low-rolling resistance tyres and performance monitoring of large truck fleets. Development of NAMA for green freight in Thailand and Vietnam. Client: ADB
India Railways
Assessment of GHG impact of India railways. Development of a tool to monitor the environmental and GHG impact of operations of India Railways. Assessment of technology options to reduce GHG emissions. A similar assignment was also made for Bangladeshi Railways. Client: ADB
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