CDM: BRT Bogota
Methodology development and project registration of 1st approved CDM transport methodology and 1st registered CDM transport project. 10 years of monitoring. Other registered BRT projects as VCS or CDM: BRT Edomex, BRT Insurgentes Mexico, BRT Metrobus Mexico, BRTs in Medellin, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla in Colombia. BRT Quito in Ecuador. BRTs Zhengzhou and Chongqing in China. BRT Rea Vaya in South Africa. BRT Guatemala City. Clients: CAF, the World Bank, GIZ and transport operators
GHG offset projects Switzerland
Development and successful registration of more than 100 GHG offset transport projects in trucking companies, mobile machinery, car-sharing, biofuels production, mode-shift etc. Clients: Private sector energy agency, Klik, biofuel producers
CDM: Delhi metro
Methodology and project development and successful registration of metro Delhi as CDM project. Performance monitoring for 14 years. Sale of offsets. Similar projects include various metros in Corea, Mexico City, Buenos Aires. Clients: Metro operators
CDM: cable-car Medellin
Methodology and project development and successful registration as CDM project of 4 cable-car lines of Medellin, Colombia. Realization of offset sales. Monitoring for 7 years. Client Metro Medellin
KOCs: HSR Korea
GHG methodology and project development and registration as national offset project for Honam HSR. 1st registered Korean domestic transport project and largest registered Korean offset project. Monitoring for 10-year period. Client: KORAIL
GCF Project BRT Karachi
Formulation of finance proposal for BRT Karachi. Successful approval as 1st GCF transport project. 50 MUSD GCF finance for hybrid biogas buses, biogas plant, last-mile 0-emission connectivity and adaptation measures. Total project worth 580 MUSD. A concept note for a similar project was also developed for BRT Peshawar based on plug-in hybrid buses (implemented by ADB with own resources with >200 buses). Client: ADB
GCF finance for LRT San Jose
Development of Finance Proposal for the GCF for 280 MUSD for the LRT San Jose including development of Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, gender analysis, TOD study and development of TOD subprojects, NMT and 0-emission last-mile connectivity design and project; multi-modal integration of project. Total project worth 1.3 billion USD. Client: BCIE. A Concept Note for a similar project was developed for Metro Bogota on behalf of IDB.
ITMOs: Climate finance Dominica
Realization of a low-carbon transport strategy with a focus on electric vehicles for Dominica. Realization of a funding proposal to the GCF. Design as an Art. 6 project for trading of ITMOs. Business planning and investment structuring. Client: PPP with government of Dominica
CDM: LRT Tunis
Project development and successful registration as CDM project of LRT Tunis as 1st registered African CDM transport project. Client: GIZ
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